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The word "volunteer" and the "Braes" have gone together for more than 37 years. It was volunteers that helped to do the initial work that allowed the Braes open and it is volunteers that help us do the many things needed to keep this ministry going. Whether you are an individual or a group, there is always something that can be done.

The following are areas you could get involved.

Work Groups: "Many hands make light work." We appreciate the many groups that come to the Braes to help with maintenance and improvements of the buildings and grounds, especially those that make a trip to the Braes an annual event for their church. There are many projects that can be quickly dealt with when there are lots of people around. Whether your group wants to come for the day or for several days there is always something to do. Contact us about available dates.

Mission Projects: Does your church like to help ministries with specific work projects. We have several projects where we need help in both know-how and financial assistance. In this case your group would help raise the cost of the project as well as help complete the work needed. Contact us for information on upcoming project.

Summer Camp Ministry: The Braes provides a free summer camping ministry for local children and teens. This is an area where we can use both individuals and groups. We use mission teams to run all portions of our Day Camp and Teen Camp ministries. These teams come ready to do what's needed to provide a quality camping program for our local children and teens. In addition to the teams, there are several positions that need to be filled during the weeks of camp, usually about three weeks. Contact us for more information about being a summer camp mission team or for other summer camp positions available.

General Volunteer Help: Do you like to serve others? If so, you might enjoy helping to serve our guests. It takes people to provide a quality stay for the many churches that come to the Braes, as well as keep up the buildings and grounds. Both kitchen and maintenance help is needed. Contact us for more information on where you can help.


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