Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is offered at no additional charge for groups using the Braes for retreats. It is available (weather and conditions permitting) from the beginning of January through the middle of March.

Snow tubing is also available for groups just wishing to snow tube only. The fee for groups using the snow tube runs for "day use" only is $15.00 per person. This includes up to two hours use of the hills. There is a
$100 minimum for Day Use snow tubing. Day Use snowtubing is based on availability. You must contact our office to set up times.

There are two Snow Tube runs maintained by the Braes:

Chapel Run: The Chapel Run is short and quick with a large banking turn at the bottom. Guests love it because it's a short walk to the top so you can go down again and again without getting tired.

Cannonball Run:Cannonball Run is still most peoples favorite. It's long and fast. At times we organize chains of 10-12 riders in order to help it go a little faster yet.

A WInter Activity Release Form must be completed and signed by each participant who uses the snow tube runs. Those under the age of 18 who wish to participant need to have the signature of a parent or guardian.

Contact The Braes
High Braes Refuge
196 Waterbury Rd
Redfield, NY 13437
Phone: (315) 599-7362
Fax: (315) 599-4005
Activities Forms

Combined Activities Release Form
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Archery Release Form

You Don't Have to Come to the Braes For a Retreat to Go Snow Tubing.

Group Day Use Rates for Snow Tubing.

$15.00 per person

Contact the Braes for availbale dates to bring your group to Snow Tube. Tube runs can be used both day and night. $15.00 per person includes snow tube use, and up to 2 hours of time on the tube runs.
There is a $100 minimum charge for group use of the tube runs.

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