The Manor House sits on top of one of the highest points in Oswego County. Coming up Waterbury Road, the first part of the Braes you will see is the large stone pillars and wall of the entrance. Turning in there, you will travel through the woods up a quarter mile of driveway.

At the top of the hill you will see the Manor House. There is temporary parking in the upper lot to make it easy to unload. Guests enter through the Tiffany Room. This room has a soda machine for your convenience and a dryer for drying wet clothing.

Manor House Tour
As you move down the main hallway, the next room to the right will be the Dining Room. The Dining Room seats forty five guests at one time. All meals are served buffet style. The Braes will design a menu appropriate for your group. All meals consist of a main dish as well as some extras for those that would prefer to have something different.

As you enter the Dining Room, to the left will be the hot drink area. There is always a fresh supply of hot coffee, and hot water to make tea, cappuccino, and hot chocolate. A small guest refrigerator can be found in this area for your convenience.
The next room you will come to is the Living Room. The living room is used by smaller groups as the main gathering area for organized meetings and just relaxing. (The Chapel is available for larger groups to meet depending on your needs) The Living Room contains five comfortable couches and additional seating that can be set up. There is a large gas fire place that can be easily turned on to warm things up. A piano is available as well. Other equipment is available for your use such as a white board, overhead projector and TV/VCR.
Across the hall from the Living Room is the Parlor. This room was restored to its original nineteenth century look. This area is great for relaxing and small group meetings as well as a place to play board games etc. You can look through decades of Braes photos and read through John Davidson's journals about the many years he and his guests spent at The Braes.
Contact The Braes
High Braes Refuge
196 Waterbury Rd
Redfield, NY 13437
Phone: (315) 599-7362
Fax: (315) 599-4005
Going up the main stairwell you will find the lodging area. There are seven rooms in the upstairs of the Manor House. Six are set up with both bunk beds and double beds, and one set up with just one double bed. Each room has a bathroom of its own. The number of individuals that will fit in a room varies from six to twelve. A lodging diagram is available on this site so you can see how to best set up you group. All beds in the main sleeping rooms have a bottom sheet. Guests are responsible to bring bedding or sleeping bag, pillows and towels for their stay.
The Guest Room, also located on the second floor, is the only room where the bed is made up. This room has been set aside for guest speakers and made ready for your convenience.
Between the Living Room and Parlor is the front doors which goes out onto 140 feet of wrap around porch. In the back is additional porch with a gazebo. Enjoy the outdoors and take in the views.

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