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The High Braes Refuge
Day Camp Ministry Objectives

Christian Growth
To see each camper find Christ as their personal savior and experience growth in their Christian life. To see each camper give control of their life to the Lord and submit to Him in every area of their life.

Individual Importance in God's Sight
To show through our love that each camper is important in God's sight. To make them feel important by giving each camper individual attention.

Christian Fellowship
To provide an opportunity where Christians can come to get away from the pressures of this world, so that they may be refreshed and renewed through fellowship with other believers.

Greater Appreciation of God's Creation
To see the orderliness found in God's creation, resulting in having greater appreciation of God's creation.

It is the objective of High Braes Refuge for each camper to hear and respond to the message of salvation available only through Jesus Christ.
If your child lives within a 20 mile radius of The Braes, they are entitled to attend the camp for free.

Please contact the Braes if you have questions about our Day Camp Programs.



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